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About Us

We are a company that specializes in sunglasses. It is because our focus is solely on this particular product that we can guarantee you one of a kind stock that you will find at our space. Furthermore, we have our priorities set on providing the best quality products for our invaluable customers because that is one of the most important things any customer looks for in a product and we realize that. The charm about glasses is that no matter what you are wearing, when you wear a sunglasses on top of it then not only does your vision gets magical but the other people looking at you also find you different than usual.

Of course it is a necessity too for most of us as we spent most of our day outside in brightness under the sun so a pair of sunglasses helps in reducing the brightness of the outside to our comfort and protects you from harmful UV lights. So why not add some style along with the need for sunglasses?

Go through our space once and we can assure you that you will end up purchasing any one of our products because our stock of sunglasses is vast and versatile, you will find almost any type that you desire at a very competitive price considering the quality we have at your disposal.

Why choose SunglassInn?

  • Free UK shipping (First Class Mail)
  • FREE return shipping for domestic customers
  • 30 Day hassle Free return or exchanges
  • All items are shipped using 1st class mail from the United Kingdom to insure fast delivery,
  • We have been manufacturing and selling Shades since 2007, at sunglassinn we have almost a decade of experience in the eyewear industry

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SunglassInn Customer Support:
6A Oakleigh Gardens
N20 9AB
United Kingdom
+44 208 144 8707

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